Living here in this town, on these dirt roads

roads of mud

and snakes

and crabs

and potholes

these roads that have carried thousands

upon thousands

quite possibly millions

of souls.

Cocaine, weed, beers

children, bricks, rebar

wood, bamboo, surfboards

guns, knives, MDMA

nails, water, dogs

books, pens and computers.

The road doesnt care.

The ocean doesnt care.

The sky, the clouds,

they are all indifferent

to your flat tire

your hurt ankle

your lack of gasoline

or your mood.

The potholes are there

the ocean is there

to the right or the left

the palm trees stand

they sway and wag their tails.

The road receives the rain

receives the friction of the rubber

the piss of the dogs

and the drunk men

the hooves of the horses

and the spit and the vomit

of the tourists.

It will change your perspective,

living in this town.

Driving on these roads

will change your body

your mind and your soul.

There is nothing romantic

about these jungle roads,

the snakes are cut in half

by the tires of a higher food chain

the crabs

suffer crabschwitz.

The jungle is not soft

the roads that are made by man

are not kind.

The sin is strong

the sun is strong

and many a weak man

is brought down

upon the surface of this land.

The Storm is coming

The boy leans against my calf

his fur warm

against the cool wet air

heavenly strobe lights

and thunderous drums

accentuate the momentum of my fingers

Shoki sits by my side

we are out here

out in the open, a roof over head but no walls

the water spritzes in here

onto this computer

which has been broken since the day I bought it.

He doesn’t give a fuck

and I make it into something

other than just a storm

something more

taking the events of a day

and placing them into

moments of importance

or moments in the wind.

God damn

the lightning is terrifying

so loud it makes me jump

this lighting is above us now

the crack, the sky rips open

thrashing up there

crying out and smashing

rumbling and gone

a flash that makes the hairs stand on my arms

he presses closer.

I look over to the couch and Mia is there, face buried in a pillow

SHoki isn’t scared but he is close

it is so intense

Never storms like this

I put Stupa, the girl pup

in her crate.
Smart move, she would have run, into this

into the terror – trying to escape what she ran right into

a long trip on these roads

to the beach across town

where she walks with Giulia.

Mia goes up on her back legs and leans against the bed with her front feet and whines.

I just did yoga and jiu jitsu moves

and massage with a rolled up towel.

the pain in my shoulder

it can torment me

become my loop

Tonight, in the flash of the lightning

the crack of the night sky

I told my body to fuck off,

that I was stronger

then the bullshit tension

I will defeat it.

my skeleton is god damn good

just some tight muscles is all.

Shoki is under the bed

a roach of some kind crawls

to my left on the inside

of the mosquito net

which is open

because the wife is away.

the ceiling fan tics a random rhythm

this, also because Giulia is away.

I like the air moving

I like it more than still air.

Mia sucks on her towel.

I tattooed for 8.5 hours the past two days

Had a couple of beers and took two bumps

I’ve been so disciplined


that I haven’t let my SELF go

This is with my friend Brandon

who I am very happy to know

I tell him I’m happy to have him

in my life

in our lives.

He sat four hours


and four hours


He was born in Canada

on a fishing boat on March 22

I was born in Connecticut

in a hospital on March 21


The fan ticks around

the mosquito net sways

the dogs are down

and I am up.

The feeling of Switzerland

I don’t know what Switzerland Alps feel like

But now I have an idea.

The Italian Pre Alps

I just got married to Giulia

in Bassano Del Grappa

and now we are at her Papas wedding

in the Alps

In a five star hotel

millions of trees outside

the framed glass doors

It pays to make wise decisions

It’s a luxurious room

feels like a honeymoon suite

but we’ve only been alone in spurts

its family time

I don’t want family time

I want us time

and there I am

selfish in the Alps

I never got to be selfish here before

but her family

especially this side is pleasant enough

and welcoming and generous

they paid for our wedding

they rented us this room

they’re paying for our whole time here

and those trees will bury us all

and these mountains will stay there

looking down at us and laughing

and not caring at all, ready to crush us

until the last breath of the earth

They say life is a beach

these people say life is a mountain

at least that’s the internet networks name.